RiverView Speech Therapist makes Learning Fun with Dyslexia Approach


Why not make learning fun? Carly Hansen, CCC-SLP, is doing just that at RiverView Clinic East Grand Forks with recent training she’s completed to help children with dyslexia.

Hansen is now trained in the Institute of Multi-Sensory Education’s Orton-Gillingham (OG) approach which provides a unique type of instruction to help children with dyslexia learn and improve reading and writing skills. The approach incorporates phonological awareness activities, phonics, promotes vocabulary development, improves fluency, and uses reading comprehension strategies. The OG approach teaches children using three main sensory pathways: sight, sound, and movement. Using these sensory pathways allows the learning process to be active rather than passive. The approach allows for the program to be unique to each child’s needs.

Hansen says patients often struggle with finding motivation for working on reading and writing, but she has already seen increased motivation since incorporating the OG approach.

“It’s great to see that the tools I am using in therapy are not only helpful, but something that my patients look forward to within the sessions,’’ she shared. “I feel that this training is something I can use with every patient whether they are just learning to read or simply refining their skills.’’

The OG approach encourages outside-the-box ideas to make each session different and fun for each individual, Hansen reported. Sessions may include writing letters in colored sand, using flashcards, tapping along to each sound in a word, drawing, singing, listening to a story or a variety of other fun activities.
“Using this approach has been motivating for my patients not only because it’s fun to use, but the patients are seeing their own success within each session,’’ Hansen concluded.

Hansen is part of a comprehensive therapy team that also offers occupational and physical therapy at RiverView’s Rehab Services Department in EGF. She also sees patients in Crookston and Red Lake Falls. For more information on the OG approach or any other services offered in East Grand Forks, please call 218-773-1390.

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